Barber School in Grand Prairie

A Cut Above the Rest!

Get a Class A Barber License and start your own business as a Barber Stylist!

You will be trained by a Class A Barber Instructor who is licensed, registered, insured, and bonded. Upon graduation, you will receive your license and become a part of a grand American tradition. Kalibur Barber College offers courses and job training in all the traditional services provided by Barber Stylists.

We will teach you how to provide these cuts:

  • Brush Cut

  • Business Man Cut

  • Buzzcut

  • Caesar

  • Classic Taper

  • Crewcut

  • Fade

  • Flattop

  • Layer Cut

  • Mullet

  • and many more!

Apply The Skills You Learn

As a student enrolled in courses at Kalibur Barber College, you will engage in classroom activities, and you will have opportunity to apply your newly gained knowledge through hands-on experience.

You will become skilled in:

  • Providing High Lather Shaves

  • Shampooing

  • Trimming All Types of Sideburns

  • Using Clippers, Razors, Shears

  • Thinning Shears, Colors, Perms, Highlights, Styling, Facials

Get The Credentials You Need - Now!

Contact Kalibur Barber College today and learn the skills and earn the credentials to become a member of one of America’s long standing traditions!